Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterflies

Children are welcomed to the Blue Butterflies when they are three years old and stay until they go to school. While the emphasis is still on playing and having lots of fun, we look at developing other skills to prepare children for going to school. Manipulative activities strengthen fingers ready to hold pencils, pens and other tools while measuring ingredients for baking help with numeracy. We look at promoting independence by supporting children in putting their own shoes and coats on, serving their own food at meal times and looking after their own toileting needs.


Blue Butterfly Staff:

Michelle Batson- Room Supervisor
Laura Piechowicz- Nursery Nurse
Yasemin Sevinc- Nursery Nurse
‚ÄčKaz Robb- Nursery Nurse

Muddy Puddle Walk

On our 7th birthday, our children and staff raised money for 'Save the Children' by taking part in Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk!