Our Caterpillars

Our Caterpillars are the youngest in our Small Wonders family. Children can start from birth and stay with us until they are two-ish, when they can spread their wings and move into the Red Butterfly Room.

We have developed a warm, cosy, relaxing and restful snooze room for the Caterpillars. There are twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling, calming music playing, individual cots with sheets and fleeced blankets allocated to each child. We mimic the bed time routines you follow at home, we understand that all children are different and appreciate that some children will need a cuddle to get to sleep whilst others prefer to be left alone with their own thoughts.  Sleeping babies are checked every 10 minutes although the babies are able to tell us they are awake via the monitor!

Tamsyn and her team are keen to provide the children with opportunities that you may not want to do at home. Messy play activities include baked beans, jelly, water and ‘gloop’.

Meal times are an important part of every child’s day, we have adopted a family style mealtime to ensure appropriate role modelling, good eating habits and peer led learning – even our youngest babies join in with mealtimes and have an opportunity to be ‘part of the family’. We are aiming to mimic a homely style mealtime; food is served at the table; older children are encouraged to feed and even serve themselves.

Children’s independence is encouraged, children are able to choose from a variety of age appropriate toys and equipment which is available to them on low level shelving. Toys are rotated regularly to reflect their changing interests and development stages. Developmentally appropriate equipment includes a ballet bar for children who are starting to pull themselves up, soft play for those who can’t resist climbing, floor play to support and encourage baby tummy time, rolling and crawling, ride-on toys and walkers and lots of books. When the excitement of the day is just too much we have a cosy corner where children can have a cuddle, share a story or lay back and absorb their environment.


Staff in our Caterpillar Room

Nic Bailey- Room Supervisor
Trudy Hyder- Nursery Nurse and SENCO
Michelle Ekins- Nursery Apprentice

Muddy Puddle Walk

On our 7th birthday, our children and staff raised money for 'Save the Children' by taking part in Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk!