Our Forest School


On Tuesday the 23rd of April 2019, something truly magical happened...

14 intrepid pre-school explorers donned their wellies and puddle suits and commenced an amazing journey. They ventured beyond the confines of the Small Wonders Garden to a magical land, and from that moment, Small Wonders Forest School was born.

There is a real mud kitchen, with real pots and real pans where real pies and real potions are concocted.

There is a hobbit hill for climbing and tunnels to crawl through. Talking of climbing, there's also a climbing pole, kindly donated by Telecom engineers. Children endeavour to reach the top where a bell can be rung. Hammocks hang from the poles and ropes and tarp's are available for the budding engineers wishing to construct shelters and dens.

There are fruit trees and brambles and nettles and thistles, all of which are risk assessed. There is an open camp fire, lit with flint and steel and cotton wool by the children, also risk assessed.  And yes, we do toast the odd marshmallow, but we do so much more than that...

We make soup, we combine garlic and bread (it's the future), we make pizzas, we make pancakes, we stew apples in cinnamon and we make popcorn.

Our outdoor Learning Leader, Jo, has fashioned a popcorn maker in true Blue Peter style, using two sieves, 3 keyrings, a metal loop and a bamboo stick.

Cooking the popcorn ignites every one of our senses - we look, we listen, we smell, we touch and inevitably we taste.

Children are also emersed in woodland crafts and work with tools to create nik naks, trinkets and jewellery without a plastic bead in sight.

Daily sessions operate, alternating morning and afternoon for our Red and Blue Butterflies over a four week cycle.  The Forest School area is exclusive to Small Wonders Children and there is no additional charge for attending.






Muddy Puddle Walk

On our 7th birthday, our children and staff raised money for 'Save the Children' by taking part in Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk!